Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Tag It On - #166 Letter Q and Gold

My team mate Julie Ann picked the letter "Q" for our on-going alphabet challenge over at Dragons Dream Tag It on. She also wants to see Gold on your tags... and don't forget to use at least one real stamp.
Not a very easy letter for german words... I decided to go with Quadrat (Square) and again a quote, because of my quote journal ;)
The quote means: "No more says the mind. Everytime says the wistfulness. Impossible says the reality. Try whispers the dream." 

And of course I incorporated this tag into another page in my quote journal.

Auf in die nächste Runde bei Dragons Dream Tag It On. Meine Teamkollegin Julie Ann hat sich das Q und die Farbe Gold ausgesucht. Puh... Q.... nicht wirklich ein leichter Buchstabe, jedenfalls wenn frau sich vorgenommen hat deutsche Wörter zu nehmen.....