Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Journal52 - #17 Refresh

A bit earlier this week, my page  for prompt #17 Refresh over at Journal52. That fits as I'm always a bit tired and unmotivated these days and have to think how to get out of this hole. Sitting in the garden and enjoying the sun (if it's shining) is one thing of getting new power. The other option is to get out the running shoes. There are only a few meters and I'm in the wood.

Step one was gluing some pieces of an old book page onto the background (you know, one of my favorite doings :D ), step two covering the whole page with white gesso, step three smearing acrylic paints with a credit card. Once dried I added yellow acrylics through a dot stencil. Step five was stamping the scratches, leaves, trees and flowers, step 6 coloring with thinned acrylics. Then I fixed a cut out (the running lady) and wiped white gesso around the silhouette and removed the cut out. As I wanted to shade the lady I colored her with thinned grey gesso and used a black Faber Castell artist pen for the outer line. The last steps were stamping the words and the black doodles and adding some white highlights.

Ja, so eine Joggingrunde durch den Wald kann wahre Wunder bewirken. Frau fühlt sich hinterher um einiges frisches... Nichts desto trotz bin ich dieser Tage häufig müde und recht unmotiviert, das wird sich mit zunehmenden Sonnenstunden hoffentlich bessern :)