Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

:::TH::: CC102 - Day #3

A bit -but only a bit- earlier today with my creations for day #3. Once again a lot of improvisation as I don't have distress glitter, distress markers and glue and seal in my stash. I used my normal glitter, tombows and modge podge.  I think the glitter thing shows not the distress glitter effect... Normally I'm not a fan of glitter, but I really like the effect of the distress clear rock candy, seems to be a must-have :D.

First print for the smudge stamping

Smudge Stamping
 I learned that the smudge effect differs from paper to paper. Using the very smooth cardstock it smeared, so I tried the "normal" one.
Brayered Stains

Photo Tinting

Faux Cracked Glass
 So sorry, but the scan doesn't show the real effect of this technique. The crackles are better to see, the images behind are not so clear.
Glittering and Distress Glittering

For the dress form I used my purple glitter. The spools are colored with distress ink and covered with normal crystal glitter.

Heute bin ich mal etwas schneller als gestern ;) Natürlich musste ich wieder improvisieren. Kein Distress Glitter, keine Distress Marker und auch kein Glue and Seal. Die Tombows und Modge Podge haben guten Ersatz geleistet. Beim Glitter bin ich nicht ganz so zufrieden. Aber ich bin ja ohnehin nicht der Glitterfreund... obwohl.... der Clear Rock Candy Glitter hat schon was ;)