Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013

:::TH::: CC102 - Day #2

Phew.... ready.... it was really hard as I haven't had much time today. But at least I managed the all the techniques from day #2. No Tim Holtz stencils so far :(, but they are on my wish list, really a must-have :)
I haven't watched today's videos yet, I'll take a look tomorrow, for today it's time to stay in bed.
So sorry, that I haven't been around these days, but all my free time is to work on the CC102. Hope to see your blogs tomorrow.

Mixed Media
Embossing (inked)

Embossing (co-ordinated cardstock)

Embossing Through



Ink Monoprint

Paint Monoprint
Uff, auf den letzten Metern habe ich es heute noch geschafft, die Techniken vom zweiten Tag nachzuwerkeln. Somit hänge ich einen kompletten Tag hinterher. Die Videos von heute muss ich mir dann morgen anschauen...