Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

:::TIO::: #127 I can resist anything but temptation

A fortnight has gone and so it's time for the next recipe on Dragons Dream Tag It On. My dreaming team mate Sue has a wonderful theme for you ... I Can Resist Anything But Temptation... and she wants to see a Resist Technique, Color Red and Temptation... Wohow... put on your thinking cap and show us your creations, which temptation you cannot resist, we are looking forward to your entries. But please keep in mind that we want to see at least one real stamp on your works.
I decided to use the Paint Dabber Resist Technique from the Creative Chemistry 101 workshop. I colered the stamp with Paint Dabber and then stamped on Sticky Back Canvas. Afterwards I colored with Distress Stains... My temptation is chocolate... it's really hard to resist ;)
Life's too short for crispbread - I want chocolate :)

Das heutige Rezept bei Dragons Dream Tag It On ...Ich Kann Allem Widerstehen, Nur Der Versuchung Nicht... kommt von meiner Teamkollegin Sue. Sie möchte eine Resist Technik, die Farbe Rot und eine Versuchung auf euren Tags sehen. Und bitte denkt daran, dass mindestens ein echter Stempelabdruck verwendet werden muss.